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Denmark has the best wind exploitation in the world

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Biofuel production and research are core competencies in Denmark

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Invest in Denmark helps foreign companies tap into the Danish cleantech industries

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Denmark is one of the top locations in the world for ICT activities and investments, and is praised as the best test market in the world.

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The Danish wireless and mobile industry is among the world’s strongest in communication technology and software engineering.

  High penetration rates for mobiles, broadband and PCs

Denmark is number 1 on the Global entrepreneurship and development index

  World-class acoustics

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Investment in Danish biotechnology has reached more than EUR 3.8 billion — the second largest in Europe.

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Denmark is a biotech frontrunner with highly developed research and access to a vast talent pool.

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Denmark is one of Europe’s largest exporters of medical technology products per capita.

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Denmark has one of the world’s biggest shipping industries despite the country’s small size.

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”Denmark is the world’s best country to locate a business seen from a five year investment perspective” (Economist Intelligence Unit 2008-2012)

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The Danish offshore sector includes large globally oriented companies like Maersk, Vestas, Danfoss, DONG Energy, Siemens and Vattenfall.

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