Development Center in Denmark

Competent labour force and a strong design tradition made Microsoft choose Denmark for its largest European R&D centre.

Created in 2002, following the acquisition of the Danish company Navision, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is Microsoft's largest development center in Europe.

Why Denmark?

“The major advantages of having Microsoft’s largest development centre in Europe located in Denmark are that we have access to a broad range of highly competent Danish and foreign staff and that we are able to build upon the Danish traditions we have for design and management.”

- Charlotte Mark, CEO of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

Reasons for choosing Denmark

  • One of the highest IT spread levels in the world
  • A corporate structure allowing for a high degree of staff involvement, mutual respect and commitment to teamwork, creates an open environment with great innovation and results
  • Strong language skills
  • A long and proud design tradition
  • Access to creative and highly skilled software developers
  • A safe and family friendly environment making it easy to attract international knowledge workers

Microsoft’s largest development center in Europe is located in Denmark

The aim of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is to drive the development of business solutions that enable people and businesses throughout the world to realise their full potential. One important prerequisite is the ability to design aesthetic, functional and minimalistic software that is easy to understand, extend and build on. To achieve this, the development centre draws on a long and proud Danish design tradition and principles and applies these to the design of software.

Another prerequisite is the ability to attract staff with the right talents and knowledge, not only from Denmark, but from all over the world. The development centre boasts a unique corporate culture and international work environment emphasizing a high degree of staff participation and involvement creating an open and innovative environment.


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