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Outstanding R&D capabilities made Otto Bock HealthCare invest in Danish competencies.

Why Denmark?

"With the takeover of Neurodan, Otto Bock is securing for itself one of the most groundbreaking sectors in the field of medical and fitting technology. Thanks to Neurodan’s technological innovativeness in the field of neural implants, the company is the ideal complement and support for Otto Bock.

Neurodan’s headquarters will remain in Aalborg to maintain the company’s excellent relationship with Aalborg University, a relationship to be intensified in the years to come."

- Professor Hans Georg Näder, Chairman & CEO, Otto Bock HealthCare

Reasons for investing in Neurodan, Denmark:

  • A unique technological solution and a pioneering product
  • Opportunity to consolidate and develop Otto Bock HealthCare’s technological know-how in the field of electro-stimulation
  • Highly competent in-house scientists in the fields of motor nerve stimulation and sensory nerve reception
  • Proximity to the world-class research community at the Centre for Sensory-Motor-Interaction at Aalborg University
  • Access to Neurodan’s excellent relationship to the R&D community at Aalborg University

Great financial opportunities

In 2005, German medical technology major Otto Bock HealthCare took over Danish Neurodan.

Neurodan is an innovative medical technology company that has spun out of the R&D conducted at Aalborg University. Neurodan focuses on neural implants, which are primarily used for rehabilitation of certain organs following damage to the central nervous system through diseases or strokes. The neural implants from Neurodan are unique as they have capacity to record, interpret, and process nerve signals in order to impact the damaged body functions through biotechnical contact.

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