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- investment in Danish start ups

Four times has Seventure Partners - one of the leading venture capital firms in Europe - chosen to invest in Danish companies within life sciences.

Seventure Partners manages 600 million Euros and invests in innovative businesses with high growth potential in information technology and life sciences all over Europe.

Their activity in Denmark started in 2005 with their first investment in Fluxome, and since then additional investments have been accomplished with Vivostat, Santaris Pharma and Acarix.

Reasons to invest in Danish life science:

• A full-fledged life sciences cluster is a perfect environment for innovation within the industry and it fosters new types of jobs and competencies.

• In a highly concentrated life sciences cluster the recruitment potential is high, and the range of players within the industry is in close proximity for potential acquirers.

• A highly concentrated life sciences industry makes it easy to monitor investments and enhances the ability to work with the industry.

• Denmark’s geographic situation and modest size is an asset; Copenhagen is easily accessible from any European capital city

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