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Denmark gives you a multilingual workforce, the highest worker motivation in the world and a flexible labour market.

In Denmark, foreign companies looking to set up an international contact centre profits from a highly competent workforce with skills that match a variety of industries.

The Danes also have excellent foreign language skills. 4 out of 5 speak English and half the Danes speak German. It is easy to find multilingual staff in Denmark, which makes it an ideal location for a European Contact Centre or Shared Service Centre.

Motivated and efficient employees

The Danes have the highest worker motivation in the world (IMD 2016) and Danish employees distinguish themselves by being efficient, process-oriented and very willing to take responsibility.

High quality human resources and a flexible labour market

Establishing a contact centre or shared service centre in Denmark makes it possible to balance the demand for cost efficiency with the need for a sustained high level of customer service.

The flexible labour market regulations entail excellent conditions for establishing a contact centre or shared service centre in Denmark – activities can smoothly be scaled according to customer demand.

How can we help you?

  • Sourcing sites matching your needs
  • Cost analysis for setting up, labour costs and office rents
  • Benchmarking Denmark against other strategic locations
  • Detailed information on infrastructure, building restrictions and taxation
  • Contact to Danish authorities, legal services and recruitment centres
  • Connect you with the best business partners and local networks

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