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Denmark has a long-standing tradition for integrating design, technical disciplines and innovation.

A key competence in Danish design is to create connectivity. The interaction between the designer and the end-user, the attention to detail in construction and manufacturing, and the wish to simplify are all characteristic traits of the “Danish Design” concept.

Why establish a design centre in Denmark?

Well-renowned and world-known companies like Microsoft, Broadcom and Cisco have already established design centres in Denmark. The incentives are numerous:

  • In Denmark, design is regarded as a problem-solving process – the solution must be simple and natural and always with the end-user in mind
  • Integrating design into products has a documented economic effect and creates social value for people
  • The holistic approach enables Danish designers to make the design process an innovative power in itself
  • The innovative design process uncovers new business opportunities, alternative products and services

How can we help you?

  • Identifying sites and local partners matching your needs
  • Cost analysis for setting up, labour costs and office rents
  • Detailed information on infrastructure, building restrictions and taxation
  • Connect you with the best business partners and local networks

What is a “Design Centre” in Denmark?

A design centre has a holistic approach to aesthetics, usability, functionality and technology when developing products and services. The development process may include designers, engineers, anthropologists, technologists and other specialists. In a user-centred design approach the users of the product or service are also involved in the development process.

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