Establishing a Production Centre  

Denmark gives you high-tech production facilities and the highest worker motivation in the world.

Danish production is of high technical standard, and productivity in Denmark is among the highest in the world.

Motivated and efficient employees

Danish employees distinguish themselves by being efficient, highly motivated and very willing to take responsibility. “Self managing teams” are very common on Danish production plants. A typical team does all the planning in a very efficient manner to achieve production targets on its own, with minimal intervention by the management.

Danish business environment ideal for innovation and flexibility

The Danish business environment gives production companies access to a diverse talent pool of technical specialists that are able to innovate and improve your production processes. “User driven innovation” is a key topic in Danish companies, and Danish production processes are highly automated with one of the highest robotics penetrations in the world.

Denmark’s strong design tradition is another asset, which enhances and adds value to both production processes and your end product.

At the same time the flexible Danish labor market gives you the ideal environment for a flexible production, which can be scaled up and down easily.

How can we help you?

  • Screening potential production sites matching your needs
  • Cost analysis for setting up production
  • Detailed information on infrastructure, zoning, building regulation and taxation
  • Connect you with the best business partners and local networks

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How can we help you?

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