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Denmark is known world-wide for its high quality and ground-breaking research and development (R&D) making it an obvious location for your R&D activities.

Danish research institutions are among the most well-renowned in the world when it comes to areas related to biotech, wireless and mobile technology and sound technology.

Also, within cleantech and renewable energy areas like electrical vehicles (EV’s) and wind power, Denmark is at the forefront on R&D.

Why place R&D activities in Denmark?

  • Danish research institutions score high on global league tables
  • Possibility of creating new technologies together with manufacturers, research and development institutions and private companies
  • Unique interplay and cooperation between industry players and research institutions
  • Intellectual property rights are adequately enforced
  • Several world class research institutions like Stanford Research Institution and Synarc Inc. have already set-up research facilities in Denmark

How can we help you?

  • Identifying locations matching your needs
  • Cost analysis for setting up, labour costs and office rents
  • Detailed information on infrastructure, building restrictions and taxation
  • Connect you with the best business partners and local networks

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