User-Centred Design  

A key competence in Danish design is to involve the user to give way to innovation and improved solutions.

This is not least made possible thanks to public-private collaborations giving companies access to testing in authentic environments and with real people e.g. at hospitals or homes for elderly.

In Denmark, you will find a talent pool of experienced designers with intuitive and hands-on tools available to drive these processes and turn the findings into commercially competitive products.

The interaction between the designer and the end-user, the attention to detail and the wish to simplify are all characteristic traits of the “Danish Design” concept. The objective is to develop lean products with high functionality and usability for the end-user.

Strong ICT skills enhance design innovation

Design methods often go hand in hand with technological solutions. It is often a question of combining technical solutions with design and thereby making the applications more user-friendly and accessible in the right setting. This increases the value of a product and can augment efficiency, e.g. in the public healthcare sector, with a higher service level and lower costs as a tangible benefit to both user and society.

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