The Danish Food Sector  

The Danish Food sector is a centuries-old success story about getting the best out of the resources provided by nature – and by science. It is a story of continuous development and innovation leading to a sector reaching far beyond the borders of Denmark.

Made in Denmark is a quality label

Around the world, food products and technology ‘made in Denmark’ are synonymous with high quality, safety and excellent hygiene. Danish food manufacturing businesses operate some of the world’s most advanced processing plants and the research and innovation capabilities are internationally renowned.

An innovative and competitive cluster

With some of the world’s largest and most successful companies in their sectors based in Denmark, there is a long tradition for quality, innovation and efficiency. In addition, research-intensive universities, specialist knowledge organizations and smaller growth businesses enrich the sector. Mutually beneficial partnerships across the cluster have built new knowledge and innovative power which might be the key to the international competitiveness of the cluster: Danish-based producers of process equipment and ingredients export respectively 80% and 95% of their goods.

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