Big Data – Denmark’s Raw Material  

Whether you represent a big enterprise or a small start-up, Denmark has something to offer within the area of Big Data. Denmark has the world’s most digitized public sector, an ambitious national strategy on Open Data and a number of world leading researchers giving a unique starting point for big data exploration.

Due to the richness of its data resources, Denmark is a global hotspot and experimental lab for developing new products and services. This development is accelerated by a national policy on Open Data, world class research within Big Data and the emergence of a number of new enterprises that rely on access to public data.

Establish your Big Data business in Denmark to:

  • Tap into the rich Danish pool of data within health, agriculture and energy
  • Collaborate with world leading researchers in massive data algorithms, analytics and business models
  • Get a swift foothold in the EU-market with 490 million consumers

Besides world class research, Denmark is leading the way in identifying new business areas and implementing visualization and analytic tools based on strong design traditions.

Start with Denmark – expand to the rest of Europe
The fact that Denmark is a small and highly interconnected society, with consumers who are quick at adapting new technologies makes Denmark the world’s best test market.

A foothold in Denmark means a foothold in the vast interior EU-market with 490 million consumers. Geography and infrastructure makes Denmark the perfect hub for accessing the Nordics and the rest of Europe.

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