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The ability to innovate and integrate complex software systems has made Denmark a favourite hot spot for some of the most successful and internationally renowned software companies.

Denmark has set heavy footprints in the global software arena with C++, C#, TurboPascal and Visual Prolog as examples of programming languages developed by Danish programmers.

User-driven innovation and top talent in software development

The strong participatory design tradition of Danish user-driven innovation ensures that various interdisciplinary design groups as well as end-users are involved throughout the process, thus ensuring innovative and holistic software solutions.

Denmark is home to world class software development talent - especially within the fields of security and encryption, development of business solutions, eGovernment solutions, and acoustics software.   

Why locate your software activities in Denmark?

  • Experienced research and development engineers with strong industry know-how
  • Internationally recognised research in software development
  • A tradition for sharing skills and technologies, and for developing holistic user-driven solutions
  • Many digital frontrunner start-ups
  • High standard design and development track record for user interfaces and software
  • Highly competitive level of operating costs (i.e. attractive office rental prices and corporate taxes (22%))
  • A critical mass of world-leading industry players

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