A Global First Mover in Sound Technology  

Denmark has maintained a world leading position in sound technology for more than half a century.

Well-known Danish brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Brüel & Kjær, Oticon, Widex and AM3D, among others, are based on worldwide recognised Danish sound technology research. Their products are aimed at improving sound quality, reducing noise and many other aspects of acoustics.

Why locate your sound technology activities in Denmark?

  • Denmark has a strong brand as a global first-mover within sound technology
  • A long tradition for producing high quality and innovative loudspeakers and hearing aids
  • A critical mass of world-leading industry players
  • Danish sound technology research enjoys strong international recognition with several world-class academic institutions
  • Extensive private-public cooperation – for instance, ICEpower was created based on a close cooperation between Bang & Olufsen and the Technical University of Denmark

Danish research is important for the ICT industry

Research concerning human perception of speech and sound, hearing, loudness, hearing loss, computer aided speech and music recognition and optimised transducers is increasingly important, not only for human perception and comfort, but also for an ever-growing ICT industry that benefits from the Danish solutions to sound technology .  

Close cooperation between Danish universities and international companies

The Danish ICT sector is also driving the integration of high-end sound technology into new areas such as mobile phones, where sound technology is becoming a key differentiator. As with other Danish strongholds, the close cooperation between Danish universities and Danish as well as international companies is the solid foundation for Denmark’s position as industry leader, and a growing number of international companies continue to benefit from the Danish public-private partnership model.

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