Denmark is the World's Best Test Market  

Using Denmark as a test market gives international corporations the advantage of quickly being able to adjust and improve a product at low costs before releasing it on the world market.

Users often play an active part in developing new technology, thus enabling developers to create highly user-friendly products. The fact that Denmark is a small, highly integrated and homogenous society, with consumers who are quick at adapting new technologies also contributes to making Denmark the world’s best test market.   

International companies can benefit from the Danish approach to test markets

Software companies located in Denmark are not only able to profit from the high level of education in Denmark, but also from the long-standing tradition of user-driven innovation and close relationship with customers.   

Danish scientists, designers and workers are renowned for their aesthetic sensitivity and ability to design appealing models and particularly for thinking in totalities. Hence, a wide range of ICT companies use Denmark as a test market before releasing their products on the global market.

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