Invest in Danish Life Science  

The life science industry in Denmark has developed into one of the strongest clusters in Europe. With excellent interplay between public and private partners and a unique test environment, Denmark turns clinical research into business.

For many years, Denmark has constituted an international health laboratory, attracting international businesses and researchers. Reasons include the presence of several different types of healthcare industries, a long-standing tradition for efficient public-private partnerships, plus a keen political focus on creating framework conditions conducive to research and business development in healthcare and welfare.

The Danish BioTech and Pharma sector

More than 150 years ago, Danish agriculture sowed the seeds for a national research industry and since then, biotechnological research methods have been evolving continually in Denmark. Currently, Denmark has the largest commercial drug development pipeline in Europe (Ernst & Young 2015), measured per inhabitant. The long-standing tradition and solid foundation for pharmaceutical research in Denmark have facilitated the establishment of a number of biotech companies.

The Danish MedTech sector

The MedTech industry in Denmark is well-reputed abroad for a number of leading global companies in consumables, hearing aids, diabetes devices and diagnostic devices. These companies are prominent in Danish business and industry and spearhead a strongly positioned Danish MedTech industry, which, measured in exports per capita, is one of the largest in the world. The medical devices industry is sustained by innovation and product R&D, and Danish enterprises benefit from an array of well-established innovation centres distributed throughout Denmark.

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