The Danish BioTech/Pharma Industry  

Denmark is a BioTech frontrunner with highly developed research.

The Danish biotechnology cluster is a major world player, especially in areas such as enzymes, CNS research, diabetes care and cancer research. A long-standing agricultural tradition created a research industry in Denmark more than 150 years ago and since then, research methods have continuously developed in Denmark.

The biotech industry emerged in the 1970s as a new recombinant DNA technology was published. With the help of recombinant DNA, also referred to as genetic engineering proteins can be produced, such as human insulin and other drugs in cells that are grown under controlled conditions. Since then, biotechnology created more than 200 new medicines and vaccines, including drugs to treat diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS and autoimmune diseases. Biotechnology is also the cause of hundreds of diagnostic tests.

Looking to locate in one of Europe’s strongest biotech clusters?

Denmark is the world leader in drug development, when it comes to commercial pipelines measured in drug per inhabitant. Also, the medical device industry is the largest in Europe measured on market size per capita. Medicon Valley, one of Europe’s top three sites for biotech innovation alongside Cambridge in the United Kingdom and Basel in Switzerland, spearheads the Danish biotech cluster with a strong presence and close collaboration between universities, hospitals and companies.

Top 3 reasons for placing biotech business activities in Denmark

• Denmark has the largest commercial drug development pipeline in Europe (Ernst and Young, 2015)

• Denmark is ranked the best country in Europe for development of biotechnology. (Scientific American, 2016)

• Denmark is one of the most R&D intensity countries worlds, and the best in Europe regarding researcher concentration (Bloomberg Innovation Index, 2016)

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