Advanced Technology for the Maritime Industry  

A large knowledge-base within maritime technology is a natural extension of Denmark’s shipping stronghold.

With a focus on applying research and innovation to the maritime industry, cutting edge research projects and companies have emerged in Denmark.

Danish companies at the forefront of advanced maritime technology

  • Danish company Thrane & Thrane is a world leader within satellite communications solutions for the maritime industry covering locations not normally covered by traditional communications technology
  • Logimatic is a Danish IT company with origins in the maritime industry that now develops advanced software and IT solutions for logistics, fleet maintenance and procurement for the shipping industry
  • Danish company Blueline develops and produces rugged PCs and LCD displays for rough surroundings such as in a maritime setting. These solutions are resistant towards strong vibrations, bumps, liquids, extreme cold and heat as well as other environmentally related hazards
  • Danish company Gatehouse was one of the pioneers within Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and today they remain industry leaders within National AIS for coastal and port surveillance

The world’s best test market for Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Denmark is not only world leading within shipping and technology for the maritime industry. Denmark has also been ranked as the best test market for Information & Communications Technology (ICT).

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