Fact Sheets


Business conditions

Download fact sheets on Danish business and framework conditions.


Denmark - Best Country for Business 
Establishing a business in Denmark
Taxation in Denmark
The Danish Labour Market

Setting up your business

Download fact sheets and guides on how to easily set up your business in Denmark.


Step-by-step guide to opening a business in Denmark
Establishing a Regional Headquarters in Denmark
Invest in Denmark's Service Provider Network 


Click on the links below to download fact sheets on cleantech in Denmark.


Denmark - the Cleantech Hotspot in Europe 
World Leader in Wind Energy
A Bioenergy Hotspot
A World Leader in Green Gas

Maritime Industry

Click on the links below to download fact sheets on the Danish maritime industry.


The Core of Maritime Europe 
World Class Shipping and Operation
Maritime Equipment & Technologies

Food & Agriculture

Download our fact sheet on Danish Food & Agriculture.


The Danish Food Sector 

Danish Design

Download our fact sheet about Denmark's design industry.


Denmark - a World Leading Design Hub 

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