Establishing a business  

in Denmark

In Denmark, companies benefit from an easy plug ‘n play registration and can be ready to do business within hours. The public sector is well-organized with virtually no bureaucracy and a low level red tape. Combined with favourable tax rules, establishing a business in Denmark is time-, cost- and tax efficient.

Establishing a business in Denmark

Key advantages when setting up a business in Denmark:

  • Quick, informal and cost-efficient establishment procedures
  • No resident requirements for management and board members
  • No notarial deeds
  • Dividends can be distributed on an interim basis
  • Tax efficient to establish a business in Denmark compared to other Nordic countries
  • Danish company law is in conformity with current EU legislation

Denmark as a Nordic headquarter

According to a unique Danish tax rule a foreign branch of a Danish company is generally not subject to tax in Denmark. Administration costs for handling double tax issues may be avoided by having the Nordic headquarter in Denmark instead of other Nordic countries.

As a result, Denmark is often chosen as a company’s centre for Nordic or other European activities. In such cases, a company may establish a Danish company (A/S or ApS) which can then establish a branch in other Nordic or regional countries.

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