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Invest in Denmark collaborates with various external service providers and consultants in Denmark in order to deliver the best and most professional service and assistance to foreign companies looking to set up business in Denmark.

As a service provider you should supplement the assistance and counselling offered by Invest in Denmark before, during and after a foreign company’s establishment in Denmark. We only cooperate with service providers registered in Denmark.

Among our existing service providers are law firms, relocation agents, recruiting companies, accountants and other companies servicing foreign companies in Denmark.

Service providers are expected to:

  • Deliver relevant and targeted information to Invest in Denmark’s customers
  • Assist in fact finding missions, i.e. attend meetings with potential investors when they visit Denmark
  • Provide input to Invest in Denmark’s sales and marketing material
  • Attend events hosted by Invest in Denmark and possibly co-host events targeted at foreign companies in Denmark
  • Contribute with analyses, mappings etc.
  • Update Invest in Denmark’s employees on relevant developments within their area of business


Membership is free of charge and service providers will not be paid for their involvement in e.g. fact finding missions and their contributions to updates and developments of sales and marketing material.


If your company meets our criteria, you will be included in our database of potential service providers.


When actual cooperation among your company/ organisation and Invest in Denmark is established, you will furthermore be included in our service provider catalogue, which is available online and in print. 

Membership is for one calendar year and needs to be renewed annually. Members will receive a notice when it is time to renew their membership.

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To become member of the Service Provider Network, please fill in the form below. We reserve the right to publish the information in “Invest in Denmark’s Service Provider Network Catalogue”.


For further information, please contact our Location Denmark Team on +45 3392 1116.  

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