Have you been nudged today?  

DesignCamp at the Kolding School of Design


International conference about how to ‘design a friendly push'.

Why do you eat 20% less food if the size of your plate is reduced? Or why does more waste go into the public rubbish bins if green footprints are painted on the ground? Why do pedestrians choose not to cross the street on a red light if there is a countdown traffic light?

The answer is nudging. A new, effective tool based on the sciences of psychology and behavioural economics. The purpose of nudging is to replace finger-wagging with gentle pushes in the right direction. By redesigning anything from structure and surroundings to the perception of specific situations of choice it becomes easier for people to make choices that improve their health, welfare, and quality of life.

Presenting a number of international experts, the DesignCamp 2012 will be related to city planning, play and learning, public health, sustainability and social conditions at a number of open conference days, workshops, and further training programmes from October 29 to November 9.

Kolding School of Design hosts the Camp which is offered in a collaboration between Design2innovate and the Danish Nudging Network. For more information go to designcamp2012.dskd.dk.

If you would like to particpate or learn more about the Danish design cluster in general, please contact Project Manager Søren Birkelund from Invest in Denmark at sorped@um.dk or +45 5143 9675.

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Søren Birkelund Pedersen

Søren Birkelund Pedersen

+45 5143 9675


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