Stepstone moves Nordic HQ to Denmark  

Job agency relocates its HQ from Oslo to Copenhagen

The job agency Stepstone is to move its Nordic headquarters from Oslo to Copenhagen, with Anders Fritz-Carlsen, CEO of Stepstone Denmark, promoted to Nordic Director. Stepstone says the relocation is part of a reorganisation and centralisation process of Nordic activities. Financial results from the Copenhagen office have been excellent and the company has posted profits for the last 4 quarters. Management, administration, support and back office activities will now be located in Copenhagen, with several Stepstone employees moving to Copenhagen from Oslo and Stockholm. The restructuring will give Stepstone a total of 90 people in the Nordic countries, represented in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki.

Jubii appointed Development Centre
Lycos Europe, Jubii’s owner, has announced that the Danish company will be one of four development centres. Jubii has been very successful with its chat technology, launched in the UK, Germany and Sweden. This technology will be soon be implemented in 10 other European countries.

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