Aarhus IT company wins major US contract  

Aarhus-based Trifork Technologies in multi-million Silicon Valley deal

Computerworld Online has reported that Aarhus-based Trifork Technologies has signed a multi-million contract with an as yet unnamed US company in Silicon Valley. Trifork is providing consultancy services and making available its J2EE certificated application server in connection with an upcoming product launch by the US company. Trifork is one of only 7 companies in the world with Sun Microsystem's latest J2EE v1.3 certification and competes in the application server market with such major names as IBM, Oracle, Sybase and Borland.

Trifork Technologies is a Scandinavian spin-off from Eastfork Object Space (EOS), a well established Java consultancy and software provider. Its flagship product, the Trifork Application Server, is a second generation pure Java implementation, the result of over 5 years of Java middle tier technology development.

To find out more about Trifork Technologies please visit www.trifork.com

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