Baltic biotech initiative launched  

Ambitious Baltic biotechnology co-operation starts up in Copenhagen.

An ambitious Baltic biotechnology co-operation is starting up in Copenhagen. The new network will strengthen the Baltic lands' competitiveness with other biotech regions in Europe and the USA.

The network, called Scan Balt, comprises representatives from the health sector, universities and companies in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Northern Germany, Poland, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

Danish daily broadsheet Berlingske Tidende reports Bent Christensen, general manager in Medicon Valley Academy, the network organization for the biotech industry in the Øresund Region as saying
"For the first time ever, the countries around the Baltic as well as Norway and Iceland have joined to strengthen and further the development in the biomedical and biotechnological area. The objective is to create a common training- and research forum, where we can profit from each others' competencies".

Source: Copenhagen Capacity


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