Biotech growth surge in Øresund region  

Medicon Valley increased its biotech workforce by 30% last year

Financial newspaper Børsen reports today that 2001 was a strong growth year for the biotech industry in the Øresund region. An analysis from the Medicon Valley Academy shows that the approximate 100 biotech SMEs in the region increased their collective manpower by 30% compared with 2000, to more than 3,500 workers. There were 12 new biotech start ups in the region last year, 9 on the Danish side of the Øresund bridge and 3 on the Swedish side.

Medicon Valley is also seeing strong growth in the number of investment companies willing to put money into the region. The number of interested investment companies has risen by 50% to 33, of which 24 are ready to provide start up capital and research funding. Despite intensifying competition between biotech regions in the US and Europe, Medicon Valley is forging ahead, particularly in the light of US giant Biogen's decision to build a USD 350 million production facility on a 60 acre site just north of Copenhagen.

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