China and Denmark in porcine genome initiative  

Sino-Danish research alliance aims to map the porcine genome

Danish pigs are to be the first farm animals to have their genetic material mapped, reports Danish national newspaper Berlingske Tidende today. The Sino-Danish Porcine Genome Consortium, a joint venture company formed by The Danish Porcine Genome Consortium and the Beijing Genomics Institute, has been established to act as the world's main source of genetic and medical information about the pig. China is the world's largest pig producer, while Denmark's has the world's most effective production.

One of the principal revenue streams for the new consortium will be subscription agreements with the biotech and medical industries, which will allow access to the information in the consortium's data bank. It is anticipated that the information will prove valuable to medical and biotech companies in the development of new types of treatment for life threatening diseases.

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