Danes more willing to pay for internet services  

New research from Jubii and IDC reveal increasing Danish acceptance of payment for internet services

Erhvervsbladet reports today that two new analyses respectively conducted by Jubii and the IT analysis company IDC show that Danes have become more willing to pay for services supplied over the internet. Jubii asked 4,282 randomly selected users over the age of 18 whether they were willing to pay for electronic services and 46.8% of respondents answered affirmatively. IDC contacted 1,000 Danish households to map their IT use and found that more than half of the respondents were willing to pay for internet services if the quality improves.


Two years ago only 15% of users were positive towards payment services. At that time almost all services on the internet were free. Since then, payment services have been initiated and are growing strongly. In October Jubii generated a monthly payment services turnover of approx DKK 550,000 (USD 72,000).

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