Danish biotech company attracts €17 million investment  

Fledgling Danish biotech company Symphogen has sealed a major deal with an international investment syndicate

Symphogen A/S, a company with 25 employees and domiciled at the Technical University of Denmark, was established just 2 years ago to develop and market its Sympage™ technology for which it has gained has exclusive world rights.

The capital injection will be used to develop a new generation of drugs known as recombinant polyclonal antibodies. Symphogen has a unique new technology to produce the so-called 'symphobodies', produced with the aid of gene technology and offering significant promise both in terms of economics and treatment potential. They are reported to be much more effective and safe than existing immunoglobulins derived from human or animal blood, which carry the risk of viral contamination. The new materials could offer hope for the effective treatment of diseases which cannot be treated with today's drugs, for example virus infections, allergy and cancer.

According to Martin Olin Andersen of Medicon Valley Capital, leader of the investment syndicate, the major advantage of symphobodies over existing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is that they more closely mimic the body's natural way of fighting disease. Furthermore the materials can be produced in limitless quantities, ensuring that there is always enough to meet needs.

The investment syndicate also includes Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, Novo A/S, Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond, Vækstfonden and Danske Bank.

Source: Jyllands-Posten Internet News

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Symphogen A/S at www.symphogen.com
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