Danish computer games company scores a big hit  

I0 Interactive anticipates bumper worldwide sales of its latest computer game Hitman 2
2002 is becoming a dream year for the Danish software company I0 Interactive, with huge global sales of the company's latest computer game Hitman 2. I0 Interactive is on track for pre-tax earnings of DKK 60 million (USD 7.8 million) this year, making it one of the most successful Danish IT companies at the present time. I0 Interactive says that it has sold 1.4 million games worldwide, and is currently selling 20,000 games a day. Most of the earnings go to the distributor Eidos which has financed the development of Hitman 2, but it still leaves a healthy remainder for I0 Interactive. Eidos also has the contract for the forthcoming Hitman 3. New data from TDC shows that the global market for computer games is set to increase from USD 4.7 billion to USD 6.9 billion in 2005. The news is reported in Berlingske Tidende today.

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