Denmark impresses US at JavaOne  

Danish team announces breakthrough at leading US conference

Computerworld has reported that Sun Microsystems' annual conference JavaOne, reputed to be the world's biggest of its kind, attracted some 12,000 participants to sunny San Francisco last week. One of the major newsbreaks from the conference concerned the development in Denmark of a next generation Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for small and wireless units such as PDAs (Portable Digital Assistants) and mobile phones.

Lars Bak and his team from the Alexandra Institute, which works in close cooperation with Aarhus University, have been developing the ground-breaking JVM for Sun Microsystems over the last 18 months. The system they have created is up to 10 times faster than the present JVM 1.0.3 version, while taking up less memory. As a result, Java applications will benefit from faster start up when running on a PDA or mobile phone, and battery life will be significantly prolonged

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