Denmark leads Europe in broadband penetration  

New research shows over 6% of the Danish population now has high speed internet access.

New joint research from European telecoms shows that Denmark has the most broadband connections on a per capita basis. 6.5% of the Danish population now has high speed internet access. Belgium comes next in the ranking with 5.6%, followed by Sweden. At the other end of the scale, Greece and Ireland have percentages close to zero. The main drivers of Denmark's leadership are the explosive growth of internet via cable TV installations, and particularly ADSL through existing copper wire networks. Sharpened competition among the broadband providers in Denmark such as Tele2, Telia and Cybercity are challenging TDC's (Tele Danmark) dominance, and this is providing further impetus. The increase in the number of Danes working from home, stimulated by the government's home PC initiative, is also contributing to the momentum. The news is reported in Børsen today.


In the research broadband is defined as products with a transmission speed of at least 144 kb/sec, slightly lower than the Danish norm for qualification as broadband. In the near future, the Danish IT and Tele authority is expected to publish half year statistics on market development in the tele and internet industries.

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