Denmark opens internet based research library  

Two Danish Ministries have collaborated to create a new online portal for students and researchers

Computerworld reports that a new internet based research library was opened in Denmark yesterday. Called DEF (Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek), the new website library provides access to 26 different subject groups with books, journals, links to other sites etc. Students and researchers are expected to be the main users of the resource.


DEF, a co-operation between The Danish Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, is a key development in the national infrastructure for research and education in Denmark, providing one coherent and simple entrance to the Danish research libraries. DEF is also involved in many smaller projects in areas such as information technology, education and research and development. The primary aim of these activities is to devise new ways of using information technology in order to improve education, research and development in Denmark. An English version of the website can be seen at

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