Ericsson enters Danish Bluetooth agreement  

Ericsson Bluetooth Networks and BlueTags form strategic partnership

Computerworld reports that Aalborg-based BlueTags has entered a joint marketing and development agreement with Ericsson Bluetooth Networks, also based in the north Jutland city, which will enable BlueTags' products to be used on an Ericsson platform. The partnership is described as strategic, with no financial obligations involved. BlueTags is the market leader in the development of intelligent tags based on Bluetooth wireless technology. BlueTags can be used for tracking, monitoring and identification of tagged objects within a predefined area, for example luggage in an airport.


Aalborg and north Jutland is home to several other companies working with Bluetooth technology, including RTX Telecom in Nørresundby, Digianswer in Nibe and the chip producer CSR located in the Novi research park. BlueTags is reported to be looking for strategic partnerships with companies worldwide.

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