Inoxell strikes patent deal with US biotech company  

Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Inoxell A/S enter global patent settlement

US biotech company Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Zealand-based Inoxell A/S have announced that the two companies have entered a global patent settlement concerning drug target identification technologies.  The agreement,  involving cross-licensing and joint ownership of certain patents, allows for worldwide freedom of operation for both companies.  Rigel has awarded Inoxell a non-exclusive license to a number of additional patents relevant for the drug target identification process. The financial terms of the settlement  were not disclosed.


Drug discovery company Inoxell A/S was formed as a spinout from Pharmexa (formerly M & E Biotech) in 2001. The company identifies novel targets for drug action in order to discover and develop new and better pharmaceuticals. Inoxell currently has a collaboration with Astra Zeneca. With its patented CellScreen technology the company has a unique way of identifying and validating drug targets.

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