Leo Pharma gains new partner in US  

Pharmion gains exclusive US marketing rights to Leo Pharma's DVT treatment Innohep

National newspaper Jyllands-Posten reports today that Denmark's third largest medical group Leo Pharma has sealed a deal giving the Colorado based drug company Pharmion exclusive US marketing rights to Leo Pharma's DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) treatment Innohep. The product is approved in 54 countries outside the US with global 2001 sales approaching USD 100 million. Pharmion has also reportedly obtained rights to develop Innohep for other indications. In the US alone some 2 million people develop DVT annually, of which an estimated 600,000 develop the potentially fatal complication pulmonary embolism, where blood clots obstruct arterial blood flow in the lungs.


Headquartered in Copenhagen, Leo Pharma is a research based pharmaceutical company with core competencies in coagulation, dermatology and bone turnover. Leo Pharma markets its products in 90 countries and has affiliates and offices in more than 22 countries.

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