Lundbeck's star product approved by 5 European countries  

Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Finland have approved Lundbeck's new generation antidepressant Cipralex/Lexapro

Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Finland yesterday approved Cipralex (also sold under the name Lexapro), Lundbeck's new and massively promoted Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) for the treatment of depression and panic disorders. Cipralex has now received approval in 26 countries, which account for around 90% of the global market for antidepressants. Cipralex will be launched in the five countries as soon as marketing approvals have been issued and subsidy negotiations with the respective authorities have been finalised. The news is reported on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange website.


H. Lundbeck A/S, employing 4,800 people, is an international pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and sale of drugs for the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders. Lundbeck's operating profit is expected to increase by 25-30% compared to 2001.

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