New internet payment system launched  

A new web-based micropayment system, VALUS, has been launched

Erhvervsbladet Online reports that a new web-based micropayment system, VALUS, was launched by several internet media yesterday. Customers can use the system to pay for downloaded music, ringing tones and logos for mobile telephones, and even physical services such as car parking. The participating internet media want netshops to use the new payment system so that user possibilities can be extended.


VALUS operates outside the conventional banking system. Users pay a fixed amount into a VALUS account, which they can then draw on when trading with participating internet media and netshops. Payments into the account can be made over the internet using credit cards or PC bank transfer systems. Micropayments are defined as payments via the internet up to a value of DKK 100 (USD 12).

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