New report maps Denmark's IT status  

30% of Danes now purchase via the internet while 15% of Danish companies conduct e-trade

A report released by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation "Regional IT Status 2002" shows that on average 30% of Danes are now purchasing via the Internet and 15% of Danish companies conduct e-trade. The regional hot spots for private e-purchasing and company e-trade were predictably the Copenhagen area at 43% and 23% respectively. Denmark's most easterly extension, the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea, makes the greatest use of the internet for academic study purposes, while the regions of the country using e-mail the most were Vejle and Aarhus, both in Jutland. The IT industry in Northern Jutland has the country's biggest turnover at almost DKK 5 billion (USD 600 million).

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