New wireless broadband initiative planned for Denmark  

Hotspot operator Redspot plans a countrywide wireless broadband net with 1,500 hotspots

The newly founded company Redspot plans to establish a wireless broadband net with 1,500 hotspots throughout Denmark. Hotspots enable people on the move to use the fastest ADSL speeds for wireless internet access. If the plan comes to fruition, it will be the country's biggest wireless broadband initiative. Hotspot solutions will not compete directly with the upcoming 3G telephony which includes UMTS, but will offer significant price and speed advantages. Industry experts believe that hotspots will account for up to 60% of anticipated turnover on 3G, which in Denmark is expected to become a billion kroner market. The news is reported by Computerworld Online.


Århus based Redspot is a pure hotspot operator, and does not have a 3G licence. With a few exceptions, Redspot will not itself own the infrastructure and hotspots, but will be responsible for shared administration, billing, operation, purchasing, service, marketing and supplying Redspot-developed gateways.

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