Technical University of Denmark to get country's biggest computer  

Sun Microsystems donates DKK 55 million supercomputer to drive leading edge Danish research

Technical University of Denmark is to get the country's biggest computer to ensure Denmark's leading position in wind-power and optical network research.

Sun Microsystems is privately donating the supercomputer, which weighs over a ton, to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) which will ensure Denmark a leading position in research on optical networks and wind power. The company originates from the highly respected Stanford University in California, and has a policy of open co-operation with educational institutions using publicly available research and techniques.

"[Power generating] windmills are so huge, and the mathematical calculations so complicated, that they demand a very large computer", says Professor Henrik Madsen of the Institute for Information and Mathematical Modelling (IMM) at DTU. "This computer is so powerful that it is meaningless to compare it with a PC."

Source: TV2 interactive

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