US IT company locates first European office in Denmark  

Minnesota based IT company Unicap to place its first European office in northern Denmark

Following consultations with NorthDenmark Invest, Minnesota based IT company Unicap (Universal Capital Funding Group) has decided to locate its first European office in northern Denmark. Unicap, an IBM and HP partner, offers on-site logistic support services including asset management. The news is reported by IPA News.


"NorthDenmark Invest's knowledge of regional demography, support services and relevant regulations and laws accelerated the initial establishment and we avoided the type of bureaucracy which is normally encountered in the initial phase of the establishment of a department in Europe " said Unicap's Operations Director, who added that easy access to a qualified workforce was another key factor in the decision. Founded in 1986, Universal Capital Funding Inc provides sales, service, consulting, leasing and rental of new and used computer and business telecommunications hardware.

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