Wireless broadband on the increase in Denmark  

IT analysis company IDC estimates that the number of PCs in Denmark with access to wireless networks will rise by 40% annually to 2006

IT analysis company IDC estimates that that the number of PCs in Denmark equipped with the technology to couple up to wireless broadband networks is expected to increase to 268,000 by 2006, compared with the 2001 estimate of 66,000. The number of base stations, otherwise known as hot spots, is correspondingly expected to rise to 112,000 in 2006 compared with 16,000 in 2001. The base stations are located in both company premises and public spaces and have a range of about 100 meters. The news is reported by Erhvervsbladet.


TDC Mobile is enlarging its wireless network in public places and is expected to build out their net to around 100 hot spots next year. The company says that it is getting many requests from hotels, conference centres and restaurants for wireless network installations. TDC Mobile has just formed a roaming agreement with Copenhagen Airport which will enable customers subscribing to TDC's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) service to make use of the facility.

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