AnyBody Technology prepares to be a Somebody on the world market  

Anybody Technology prepares to launch unique body modelling software with countless applications for human interface products

AnyBody Technology, the commercial wing of the AnyBody Research Project at Aalborg University in Northern Jutland is planning to enter the world market with a unique body modelling system, appropriately called "Anybody". The new product is computer software which allows construction and analysis of highly complex models of the human body, yet which is designed to run on ordinary PCs. Anybody can be used for research into the human body’s function, the design of tools, sports equipment, furniture and countless other products with a human interface.


Over the last year, some 50 cooperation partners all over the world have been testing AnyBody's as yet uncompleted programme. These include the Ford factories in Germany, the University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, a children's hospital in Salt Lake City and Johnson Space Center in Houston. Another round of testing starts in February and following feedback, AnyBody Technology anticipates having its first commercial version ready for market in January 2004. The company's director expects that the first purchasers of the new product will be hospitals and research institutes, and that international companies like Ford and Toyota will also be interested in licensing the programme. Anybody Technology additionally forecasts that there will be a need for an extra capital injection of DKK 3 million (USD 420,000) during this summer. The news is reported in daily broadsheet Jyllands-Posten.

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