Automobile industry gives Novozymes productive ideas  

Enzyme manufacturer Novozymes to start ambitious productivity programme based on car industry principles

The world's largest enzyme manufacturer Novozymes has started its most ambitious productivity programme since the mid 1990s, reports daily broadsheet Jyllands-Posten. The idea is to push more products through the same production facilities while simultaneously accelerating the process. Over the next three to four years the productivity project should result in Novozymes avoiding having to invest up to DKK 1 billion (USD 143 million) in a new production plant.


The plan is for the project to be fully implemented in four to five years, and will involve about half of the group’s 3,700 employees. The car industry is serving as the model for making a complete change in production; a car body for example is made in a uniform size while the motor, interior, accessories etc are added late in the production process. Novozymes aims to do the same thing; a small number of bulk products will be made initially for subsequent processing into some of the group’s range of more than 700 products.

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