Copenhagen University to spearhead research into developing "supertrees"  

Villum Kann Rasmussen Fund gifts Copenhagen University DKK 3.3 million to research into developing fast growing, disease resistant "supertrees"

The Villum Kann Rasmussen Fund has gifted Copenhagen University with DKK 3.3 million (USD 518,000) to research into the development of "supertrees" that grow faster and have increased resistance to disease, reports Biotech Denmark. VK Rasmussen Industri is a major Danish concern in the building sector, and is perhaps best known through the VELUX company which develops and manufactures roof windows (the classic pivoting roof window was originated by VELUX in the 1940s).


Director of the Botanic Gardens Ole Hamann says that research there has been concentrating on cloning of forestry trees, and that the cash support will put the laboratory at the leading edge in its field. Hamann comments that by 2010 the global demand for timber products will be 20% greater than today, while at the same time there is a widespread wish to preserve and protect genetic resources. Using genes from the most trees, the laboratory is researching into the creation of supertrees in a way that speeds up the process that nature itself would employ.

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