Danes experience world's first wireless internet connection on trains  

Wireless online internet connection introduced on trains between Copenhagen and Gothenburg

The world's first train service to offer a permanent online connection to the internet has gone into operation on the line between the Danish capital Copenhagen and Gothenburg in Sweden, over the Øresund road-rail bridge connecting the two countries. Scandinavian train company Linx has launched the technology, which involves wireless satellite based communication, completed by GSM links.


With a wireless local area network (WLAN) card in their laptops, passengers can connect wirelessly to the internet. The broadband capacity service allows sending and receipt of e-mails, as well as full use of all the internet's facilities. The supplier of the wireless communication system is Icomera AB of Gothenburg, which specialises in wireless computer communication. The news is reported in a Press Release on the Linx website.

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