Danes get serious with their internet usage  

E-mail, private banking and online news access top a new internet usage poll conducted by Telia Stofa

A new annual survey from internet service provider Telia Stofa shows a rapidly growing maturity in Danes' private usage of the world wide web. No less than 94% now use it for sending and receiving e-mails, with 74% using it for internet banking and 62% for accessing online news. Only 27% of the 1,528 customers surveyed used the internet for games or downloading music and video despite the general preference for high speed connections. This is the fourth year that Telia Stofa – which provides internet access via the TV socket – has run the survey.


Many more women are now active internet users, the survey shows. Women now represent 1 in 4 of Telia Stofa's customers, compared with 1 in 10 three years ago. The new figures also confirm that the web's potential as a real time news and money management medium is becoming rapidly realised.


Older Danes are also busily moving in on what used to be the province of their children and grandchildren. In 2000 only 11% of Stofa's customers were over 50. Today the figure stands at 27%. Pensioners are in the frame too, with 5% of Stofa's customers over 65 years of age.


One aspect of the survey continues to show low numbers however. Despite the surge in internet use for private banking, only 2% of this year's sample said they used the web regularly for purchasing purposes. The news is reported by computerworld.dk and daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

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