Danes prepare to receive advertising via e-mail, SMS and MMS  

From 25 July companies in Denmark can advertise to consumers via e-mail and mobile phones, subject to certain conditions

An exception to the marketing law which comes into force in continuation of an EU directive will enable companies in Denmark to send advertising via e-mails, SMS and MMS messages from the 25 July. Danish Trade and Service (DH&S) has great expectations of the new form of advertising, where picture and audio advertisements can be sent to customers via e-mail and mobile telephones.


According to the Consumer Ombudsman people need not fear being overwhelmed with electronic advertising because companies have to meet a number of conditions before they can send advertisements. One of these is that companies can only send advertising e-mails, SMS and MMS to people who are already customers and who have provided their e-mail address in connection with sales or services from that company; the company can only advertise for products which are equivalent to those the consumer has already purchased. The news is reported by daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

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