Danish biotech firm licenses French technology  

NsGene acquires rights to French biotech company Neurotech’s technology for drug encapsulation

Danish biotech company NsGene has acquired exclusive rights to use French biotech company Neurotech’s technology for encapsulation of drugs in cells. The agreement gives NsGene access to 35 patent families for which they will have exclusive rights of use in their biotechnological drug development targeted on diseases of the nervous system.


NsGene's CEO Teit E. Johansen says that the encapsulation technology will enable the company to develop several products with major potential for the treatment of otherwise incurable nervous system diseases. NsGene is a spin-off from the Danish biotech company Neurosearch which owns 28% of NsGene, other shareholders including BankInvest, Dansk Kapitalanlæg, the Employees Capital Pension Fund (Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond) and the Swedish Karolinska Investment Fund. The news is reported by biotechdenmark.dk

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