Danish internet purchasing shows rapidly increasing growth  

Danes made 2 million payment card purchases over the net in the last three months, double last year's equivalent figure

New figures from the Association for Danish Internet Trade (FIDH) show that Danes have used their Dankort (the most widespread Danish payment card) almost 2 million times on the internet over the last three months, a doubling of use compared with the same period last year. The total population of Denmark is just over 5 million. According to the chairman of FIDH Gert Birnbacher, Danish e-trade has had growth rates of around 100% since 1999.

Birnbacher also says that consumers are getting used to purchasing via the net and that shops have become far more professionally organised than they were back in the dot-com days. Increasing internet turnover means that FIDH members earn more and so invest in enlarging their e-shops and their inventories. A positive spiral is thus created since this will in turn attract more customers. The news is reported on the Danish television TV 2’s website.

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